Weak Walls


Proverbs 24:31 “thorns had come up everywhere, the ground was covered with weeds, and the stone wall was in ruins”

Stephen Matthew, the Associate Pastor from my old church spoke a great message on Walls a while back. You can listen to it here. His premise was that usually we talk about walls in a negative context. We say that walls constrain and restrict us, they block us and hold us back. But there is a strong picture in scripture which tells us that walls are a good thing in the right context!

The writer of this Proverb looked at the sluggard (lazy man) and saw that his walls were in ruins. This was to say that this man had no self-control in his life. He had no boundaries, he had no discipline, he had no principles to set his life by. Anything could come into and out of his life as it pleased. In this context, walls are a very good thing because they represent our boundaries, our principles, our discipline and our self-control.

Job 30:14 “They advance as through a gaping breach; amid the ruins they come rolling in”

A lot our temptations and failures only exist because we have weak walls. We have flaws in our self-control, we have holes in our principles and cracks in our discipline. It is through these breaches that our temptations come rolling into our lives. Walls are meant to keep things out and keep things in. The problem with weak walls is that things that should stay out come in, and things that should stay in go out.

If we are to be temples of the Holy Spirit, we need to have strong walls. We need to identify those holes in our lives where we find ourselves falling repeatedly. What hole in your life is causing you to be tempted all the time? Which hole is causing you to harm your relationships because you let things out too easily?

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