Want it?…Work for it!


Joshua 1:3 “I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses”

I was talking with a good friend about our jobs the other day, and we remarked how having a good job that pays well also demands a certain cost from it. Often the ‘best’ jobs going demand huge amounts of commitment and loyalty. I think of some of my friends who have managed to get really great graduate jobs with world class firms, but I know that it will be a very busy and demanding time in their life.

Nothing in life worth having comes easy.

This was what God was saying to the Israelites. He was giving them a great opportunity, full of benefits and rich in blessing…but they would have to work for it. Every place where they set their foot was theirs, every place where they didn’t set their foot wasn’t theirs…quite simply really. What God was saying was that it was all theirs to take, but they would have to take it! I’ve bet we’ve all had the dream of having a really great job that pays really well, but doesn’t demand much from us? Well that isn’t the real world! The best jobs tend to go to the best people, the ones who have put the work in, invested the extra hours, gone the extra mile…and in reality done that little but more than everyone else.

Talent is over-rated.

We might see a great singer, footballer, actor or businessman and desire to have the opportunities they have. We may marvel at their seemingly ‘natural’ talent, but what we rarely ever see is the hours of graft, practising and rehearsing they put in. The best athletes in the world are so because they are the most dedicated to their training. A friend of mine who won the World Body Building Championship a few years ago always told me that to have a decent chance of winning, he would have to do that bit more than his components. He would have to train harder, prepare for longer and be stricter in his diet to take home the trophy. Yes he had ‘natural’ talent, but at the end of the day he worked for it!

Want it?…you gotta work for it!

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