The Magical 1%

Reaching Others

I was thinking the other day about how we put so much value on the time we spend reaching out to others, when in reality it is quite a small proportion of their weekly lives. Be it a kids club, or a youth club, or a meeting of some sort that reaches out to people, as volunteers we can only do so much in the way of outreach.

Think about it…say an average person we are reaching is awake/active for 16 hours every day. That’s 112 active hours per week. And say if we run a club, or do a meeting for 1 and 1/2 hours every week…which they attend every week…that’s about 1% of their weekly time! When you put it like that it stands out that actually the time that we input into these people we reach is so minute compared to the rest of their life.

Short in time. Great in potential.

Now that doesn’t mean that this 1% is worthless…far from it. The content of this 1% has potential to impact the rest of their life. With 1% man can’t do very much, but with that same 1% God can do all that he wants to do! We therefore have to believe and keep in faith that these times of outreach are effective to the people that we are reaching, even if the fruit is slow in coming.

It also leads us to work more holistically with people. One thing we learn from doing youth work and kids work is that so much hangs on the parents input, who are with them everyday. We cannot believe that 1% of an individuals time is enough is enough to disciple them. The same goes for us attending church, how can we expect that our weekly attendance at church is enough to fill us for the week?


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