Spiritually Stubborn


Ezekiel 3:9 “I will make your forehead like the hardest stone, harder than flint…”

God was sending Ezekiel to a very stubborn people. They were so stubborn that God even said that they would not repent, despite Ezekiel’s best efforts. It’s quite a hard task to reach stubborn people, a tough ‘mission field’ as some would say. To counteract the people’s stubbornness, God gave Ezekiel some spiritual stubbornness of his own.

What does ‘make your forehead like the hardest stone’ mean?

I believe what this phrase meant was that God was going to set Ezekiel’s thought processes like stone, so they could not be swayed. Whenever we encounter a tough situation, perhaps stress at work, or conflict in the family, or trouble in your personal life, random thoughts tend to rampage through our conscious mind, just behind our forehead. We know better to not act on them, as we recognize that they are just thoughts and emotions…but they are still there.

I believe being spiritually stubborn is to set your thought processes in stone, despite what your circumstances say. It means to:

  • Only think loving thoughts about a person, no matter how much they hurt you
  • Always maintain a positive attitude at work, no matter the workload
  • Keep trusting and believing in God, despite your poor finances
  • Stay enthusiastic for something, no matter how tiring it is

Being spiritually stubborn is not letting the things around us sway our thought patterns and emotions. In short we don’t react to what happens. It does not become a stimulus for us. We become stubborn and set in the mindset God wants us to have and we do not stray from it.


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