Potential = Price


Leviticus 25:16 “When the years are many, you are to increase the price, and when the years are few, you are to decrease the price, because what is really being sold to you is the number of crops”

Every 50 years the Israelites were to have a Jubilee year where they could not work any of the ground. All fields and land were to be given rest for an entire year. Because of this, the price for land was measured on how many years there were left till the next Jubilee year. It wasn’t really the land that was being sold, but the potential number of crops that the land could yield. The longer the land had till the next Jubilee year, the greater potential the land had to produce crops, the greater the price would be for that land.

Greater Potential = Greater Price

Regarding what we do as churches and disciples of Jesus, often the true value is not in what we do but in what it yields. Whenever we host events, run ministries, do church life, witness to our friends, it’s not that actual action that is of value but the potential harvest that could from it. Changed lives, people turning to God, people growing in faith….this is the harvest which we long to reap.

Luke 10:2 “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few”

We can do the same things over and over, put on the same events and run the same ministries but they can vary in success by so much. Why? Because of the price we paid for it. If we want a greater potential, a greater harvest from what we do, it demands a greater price. It demands a price of prayer, a price of sacrifice, a price of faith and a price of servanthood. The price of seeing God move in our lives and church is the cost of every believer laying down their lives and taking up their cross.

If we want to increase the potential in our lives and generation, it’s going to require a greater price.

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