New Year – New Song


Psalm 96:1 “Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth”

The Bible instructs us to sing a NEW song to God 9 different times, throughout Psalms, Isaiah and Revelation. When you read all of these verses it certainly brings it home that God likes us doing new things, having new songs of praise and having new attitudes in our heart.

I always used to like watching Drake and Josh on TV. The character Josh would often come out with the phrase “Sing a new song would ya!” when Drake was repeating things to him.

Sing a new song would ya!

I get the impression that God often has that response to us too. When we have been complaining and moaning about something for ages we can often feel the Spirit of God belt out “Sing a new song would ya!”. Have you been singing the same old song of boredom, complacency, comfort, dullness?

A New Year means a new opportunity. It means a good, practical fresh start. God actually gives fresh starts everyday, he says his mercies are new every morning for us, but the entry of a new year just makes us that bit more motivated to do something new.

Time for something new?

God loves us to go on journeys with him, to explore new territory with him. That’s why he took Abram away from his home, and the Israelites out of Egypt, because there was something to be gained from the journey, something to be gained from the new land. Whenever the Israelites set out from somewhere, the musicians would lead the way singing and praising – your new song will lead you into a new season!

What are you declaring for this year?
What spiritual territory are you going to claim?
What new song are you going to sing?


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