Myths & Genealogies


1 Timothy 1:4 “…command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer or to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies”

I don’t think Paul was just referring to historical myths and family genealogies here, but also the kind of myths and genealogies we find in present form:


Unconfirmed stories and false reports of people and their actions. Often we can find ourselves devoted to and hooked on present myths. When there is a rumor going around, or when something big has happened we feel the urge to discuss it with everybody and get their opinions on the matter. We need to learn to accept the truth and disregard anything else. Don’t let myths and rumors affect your opinions and thoughts about people, until you have received the truth in a credible form.


Once we have heard such myths and rumors we often feel the need to source them out. To find out who told who and which person it originated from. This too is folly, as the Bible puts it. We end up going on a wild goose chase, misunderstanding everyone and stamping on peoples toes. If something is the truth then it will come out in good time and in good form. If there is no need for you to know something, then there is no need for you to inquire.

Always ask, “Am I serving the situation here or am I just satisfying my curiosity?”

Admittedly I think girls might struggle with this more than guys, but that doesn’t mean guys can’t be susceptible to it. Don’t involve yourself in anything to do with rumors or negative opinions.


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