Latent Energy: Believing for Breakthrough

Latent Energy: Believing for Breakthrough

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Latent Energy – existing but not yet developed or manifest; hidden or concealed

It is often described as the heat energy that something needs before a reaction occurs or before things start to happen. Often we can find ourselves praying and fasting for things but never really see any change or progression. Ever been there? Where you feel like you are pushing so hard into God, you are giving up so much, you are praying earnestly and believing for more…and nothing really happens?

What to do when there is no ending in sight?

Steven Furtick preached a great message called ‘Don’t Stop on Six‘ where he talked about the Israelites marching round Jericho. He pointed out that God told Joshua it would take seven trips round the city, but Joshua never communicated this to the army. He just told them to march. That means for the army, they had to keep marching round the city not knowing how long it would take, expecting it to be any day, having to be ready at every moment. For all they knew it could have been ten, twenty or thirty times to march round the city, but more importantly…what if they stopped on six!

What if they gave up after six laps, because they were fed up? What if they stopped just shy of the finish line because to them there was no ending in sight? What if they decided enough was enough when there was just one more lap to complete?

Thankfully they got it right, they kept going even though they couldn’t see the finish line. Unfortunately not everyone did. As I wrote about in ‘Greater Than Three‘, Elisha told King Jehoash to strike the ground with the arrows, so King Jehoash struck the ground three times. The trouble was, as Elisha made clear, that Jehoash should have struck the ground five or six times. The problem was that he had a complacent attitude, he just did what he thought was enough. Because of that he stopped just short of his breakthrough.

 Very often we can get too impatient with God because we see nothing happening. We may be investing a lot of time and energy into him, seeking him in prayer, being faithful in what we have been given, giving up our desires and putting his purposes first…and yet we see very little. Are you stopping just short of your breakthrough because you are not seeing the results you were expecting?

A lot of what we do for God is stored as latent energy.

We must learn that a lot of what we invest into God is latent energy. The results and fruit of it may not be seen for a while. We may not see constant and regular growth, the breakthrough may all just come at once…but the important thing is that it is coming! As humans we are visual people, and we like to put our faith in things that we can measure. So when we find that the results are not stacking up, or things don’t seem to be going as planned…where do we put our faith?

The temperature of water will not increase above 100 degrees until all of the water has turned into steam. Only when all of the water has turned into steam will the temperature of the fluid increase above 100. We may not see our breakthrough for a while, we may see nothing happening for a while, but all the time, prayer and sacrifice we give to God draws us ever nearer to that breakthrough we long to see in our lives.

Faith is running a race where you don’t know where the finish is.

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