Know Your Limits – Why I both hated and loved ‘Homeland’


Romans 14:5 “One person considers one day more sacred than another; another considers every day alike. Each of them should be fully convinced in their own mind”

Since everyone has been ranting on about the Homeland series for a while now, a short while back I rented the first series to see what all the crack was about. From the first episode I could see why everyone was so crazy about it, it had a great plot, it was acted well and it drew you in like few other programs do. I could feel I was starting to love Homeland…

…but at the same time, I hated it. Why? Because in the very first episode there were multiple sex scenes that were either explicit or a little disturbing. I hated it because whilst I loved the plot and the whole idea of the program the unnecessary explicit scenes just ruined it for me. After watching the first episode, I googled how bad the other episodes were going to be and I got the same picture. I returned it only after watching the first episode.

As a guy I am starting to make conscious choices to not watch things that disturb my conscience and unsettle my Spirit, and the scenes in Homeland did that for me. Now I am not wanting to condemn anyone who watches it or make them feel guilty, because the title of this post is ‘Know YOUR limits’. We all have different thresholds for different things, just as the verse in Romans says. Some consider one day as sacred, some consider all days alike. Some would eat all meat set before them, some would not.

Either way, you should be fully convinced in your own mind what is good for you.

We all have different weaknesses and it’s important we understand that. Does what you watch, listen to or read harm you conscience? Does it unsettle your spirit? You may not even know that it’s having a negative effect on you because you have become numb to it. Perhaps you need to be willing to give something up, to stop watching or reading certain things so that God can transform you more into his likeness?

You are a Temple of the Holy Spirit. but you are also the keeper of that Temple. You control what goes in and what goes out. You have to decide what you can cope with and what defiles your conscience and unsettles your Spirit. Your duty is to keep the Temple clean and tidy, not letting everything traipse through just because you like the freedom.

Know your limits.

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