Grow Your Appetite


Proverbs 16:26 “The appetite of labourers works for them; their hunger drives them on”

Developing or reducing habits in your life is a case of growing or reducing your appetite. To be able to do something more, we need to develop a desire to do it, and to make ourselves do something less, we have to restrict ourselves and ‘starve’ our desires.

It is interesting that it is not the labourers ‘choices’ that drive them on, it is their appetite…their innate desire. That desire is there because they have made choices in the past to grow their appetite and develop their hunger for things. Their appetite is a sub-conscious process, meaning they just naturally desire and hunger for more.

Your capacity today is defined by the choices you made yesterday.

In the past they will have made conscious choices to take on more, to eat more, to push themselves, to challenge themselves. But the true value of those conscious choices only manifests later when their desires become natural and organic. Growing our capacity is not about making decisions today, its about making them yesterday. What I mean is; we have to teach our sub-conscious self new patterns, new ways of thinking and develop its appetite for the things we want to grow in.

If you want to expand your capacity in anything, whether its reading your Bible more, spending more time with God, attending church more, working more or exercising more, then you need to grow your appetite for those things. Make conscious choices to do more, until it starts to become natural and part of your appetite. It’s always hard at the start; to eat more, do more, read more,  because you are doing more than your appetite desires. But eventually your appetite and desires will catch up and do the work for you.

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