Gradual Revelation

God's Nature

Mark 8:24 “He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around”

When Jesus healed anyone it always happened instantly, whether he touched them, sent them away to receive it or even just spoke the words over them they were always healed instantly…except for this one instance.

Here, Jesus is brought a blind man. Jesus takes the man outside of the village, spat on the man’s eyes (yes…spat!) then put his hands on them. The man opened his eyes but had blurry vision, where people looked like trees. Jesus did it again and this time the man got full sight restored.

God may delay your revelation to give you a deeper understanding overall.

I think what this shows us is that sometimes God will only reveal things to us gradually, and in stages. He may only bring our answer gradually or bring full understanding gradually. I guess because his knowledge is so great and deep that if he revealed it all at once our brains would fry and we would end up looking like the baddies out of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ (their faces melted).

It shows that our understanding and revelation of God develops in stages, from being shallow to a deeper and deeper understanding as we mature. Now this does not mean that what we learnt before is wrong, it is just not as complete as what we know now. There is a bigger picture, more things to consider and a deeper thought to take hold of.

I recall reading back through some of my old journals and blog posts and wondering “what was I thinking?!” as I have a much clearer understanding now. But just because what I knew back then was not as complete as it is now (and it still isn’t) doesn’t mean that it was wrong, it was all part of the journey of discovery. That’s one problem with blogging actually, that people can read posts from years ago as if your wrote it yesterday!

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