Gossip Grenade


Proverbs 18:8 “The words of a gossip are like choice morsels; they go down to the inmost parts”

Gossip is so dangerous because it directly affects people’s views of others, even if those people didn’t have negative views in the first place. It is so harmful because it literally distorts the perspective of others. It’s like a grenade going off in their mind which permanently distorts the perspective that they had previously built.

Have you ever tried learning something difficult? Spent hours revising, learning facts and storing figures in your brain? Hard eh? Well if you have ever tried unlearning something it is even harder. How do you make the brain forget something? The trouble is, once it’s there it’s normally there for good!

“Once something is learned, it cannot be unlearned”

Gossip teaches people new opinions and perspectives, and very often opinions and perspectives they shouldn’t have. As the writer of the Proverb says, gossip is like a choice morsel, something that we desire because we like to have the inside scoop. We like to know what others don’t, we like to know that which is secret and hidden, which makes it all the more harder to try and let go of it.

I have often heard that it takes seven compliments to recover from one insult. Like an insult, gossip can so damage both ours and others mindsets that it takes so much more work to regain what was lost. Who are we to harm the conscience of others? Who are we to taint their innocent perspectives with our negative experiences?

Let’s really think before we let that grenade off.

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