Don’t Be A Leech


Proverbs 30:15 “The leech has two daughters. ‘Give! Give!’ they cry…”

I remember one night I was doing the evening security shift at my old church and I met this guy. I didn’t recognise him because he had only been coming a couple of weeks and so I asked what he was up to. He told me he was serving in one of the church Community Groups that evening. I remarked at how quick he was to get involved in the church and he simply replied “Well we can’t keep taking from church, at some point we have to give back“. He got it. He got what it was all about.

Do you give back to the things in life that feed and nourish you?

So often we can go to church or any other group only ever to receive. We live in a consumerism culture and so we are constantly wanting to consume what’s on offer. We turn up to church, expect the stewarding team to welcome us well, expect the worship to be top notch and expect the sermon to be impacting (and so it should be!). But when it isn’t that then we so easily start to complain and raise an issue with it. But the question remains, what are we doing to serve the body?

Do you leech on others or church?

We can do the same with our relationships too. We can suck people dry by constantly taking from them and never giving back. It is often described that a relationship is like change in your pocket or bank account. That you can make withdrawals of ‘favor’ up to a certain point before you have to make another deposit. We can’t just keep taking from and using our friends, we have to give back into their lives too.

The church isn’t a ‘system’ that you can sponge off, it’s a body of people doing their best to serve God.

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