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Colossians 3:4 “When Christ, who is your life appears, then you will also appear with him in glory”

Colossians chapter 1 says that we were made BY God and FOR God. When you make a gift for someone, it was made BY you but FOR someone else. We are God’s gift to himself, we were made BY God and FOR God. That means that our entire lives, our beginning and our end, are destined for the purpose of Christ. The very purpose of our creation is to worship the Lord almighty, and if we don’t give him praise even the stones will cry out.

Christ is your life.

When we solely think about our lives being for the purpose of Christ, letting that notion supersede everything else, then that is exactly where God wants us positioned. In fact, when we align our hearts and minds with that concept, living for nothing more than the purpose of God; right then in that moment we are in the centre of God’s will. We need to allow that attitude to permeate through our entire life, and let it be the overall purpose for everything that we do.

  • How can I serve Christ through serving others?
  • How can I share Christ through my faith?
  • How can I honour Christ with my integrity?
  • How can I praise Christ with worship?
  • How can I bless Christ with giving?

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