A Sinner Called By Name

God's Nature

John 10:3 “…He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out”

I love the lyrics to the Delirious? song; Thankyou For Saving Me, especially this last line:

You shed Your blood for me
What can I say
You took my sin and shame
A sinner called by name 

I’ve had quite a few retail jobs in my time, and some where I have been given a name badge to wear. They are funny things name badges because the only people who actually call you by name are the staff you work with…who already know your name! But then it’s really bizarre when a customer who is a complete stranger also addresses you by name. You almost want to ask “How do you know my name?” before remembering that it labelled on your chest!

We can find ourselves having that same response to God. It is easy to feel just like one of the crowd, just another Christian, just another believer with the same big God that we all share. But that is not the response that God wants from us, he wants us an individual, he calls us each by name and wants to have a unique relationship with all of us.

Even more so is the fact that whilst we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Rom 5:8). The Bible says that before we became Christians, we were enemies of God. So whilst we were enemies of God, whilst we were still sinners, God called us each by name. We are sinners called by name. What an amazing picture of grace, that God would look beyond your sin and shame and still see the person he made you to be!

Don’t settle for a generic relationship with God. He knows your name, every thought and every desire you have.

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