10 Things I Love About My Wife

10 Things I Love About My Wife

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1 – Beauty

I love that she is naturally beautiful. What I mean by that is that she does not need a triple layer of make-up to look beautiful. I love how content she is with her normal and natural looks and doesn’t feel like she needs to hide behind make-up. A lot of girls can get quite insecure when they haven’t got make up on or don’t look their best, as if the whole world is out to measure their appearance.

2 – Fun

My wife is probably the most fun person I have ever met. She is not funny in the witty and smart sense, although she does have her moments, but rather in her childlike innocence to just enjoy life! It is this value that has probably had most impact on me over the years as I used to be very serious and mature about everything (I hear you saying I still am). I remember back in the day I used to challenge Claire for not being mature enough, when it was just me who had to loosen up and get over myself. She prevailed.

3 – Wise

No matter how many blogs I write, no matter my experience from church or how many leadership books I scan through, my wife always knows better in pretty much every situation I encounter. How she does this I do not know! She seems to have this natural wisdom that just comes out of here. I do get a little annoyed that she is always right all the time, but in truth I love it about her.

4 – Pure

Compared to my wife I often feel like a big ugly toad who doesn’t have an ounce of purity. It is too often the case that I am the one that dropped the ball, or said the wrong thing or had the bad attitude. Put it this way: I might feel convicted if I told a lie or did something to hurt someone. Claire feels convicted when she accidentally stands on an ant.

5 – Generous

I love that she has so much generosity in her heart. She is so ready to give, to sacrifice and to serve whatever need comes up before her. She is truly able to raise others above her, put their needs first and hold all things with an open hand.

6 – Grace

To all those that do wrong to her, myself included, she gives so much grace. Whenever I drop the ball, whenever I mess up she is so quick to forgive it almost stuns me. She has this amazing ability to instantly shake off the negative feelings or attitude she has. She always looks beyond the surface of anyone’s bad actions and sees what’s really going on underneath.

7 – Strong

I love that she is not afraid to pursue the things she wants to pursue and not just the things she feel she is expected too. Whenever she has an idea or a good thought she is very good at putting it into action and making it a reality.

8 – Worship

Claire has always had a strong passion for worship. She has a great singing voice which I often get to hear from time to time. I remember our young adults residential last year where she woke up the boys dorm with her angelic singing…although the lads were not best pleased.

9 – Protective

I remember a time when Claire boldly stood up for me when I felt crushed by the words of others. I cried because of that. A godly wife stands over her husband when he is knocked down, she protects him and defends him. Remember the scene near the end of Avatar when Jake gets knocked down and out, and Neytiri jumps in to protect him?….It’s that.

10 – Humble

Finally even though she works so hard, serves in church a lot and does a lot for those around her, she never seeks to receive the glory from it. In fact, she will probably kill me for writing this…but she’s in Rwanda so she cant stop me.

I have heard it said that you truly love your spouse when you love the way they worship. Not just their praise and singing, but how they live. It’s when you love the ‘God’ in them and how they worship him.

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