The Long Way Round

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John 11:15 “…for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe. But let us go to him”

A year or two ago Charlotte Gambill spoke an amazing message called the Long Way Round at the women’s Cherish conference at my church. I of course didn’t see it because I’m a bloke…but I heard a lot about it. She preached from John 11 about The Death of Lazarus, talking about how sometime God takes people the long way round for their miracle.

Rather than instantly curing Lazarus’ illness, Jesus let him die so that he could include more people in the miracle. By taking the ‘long way round’, Jesus could inspire more belief and stretch the faith of those around him. Rather than providing an instant healing and answer, God sometimes delays his answer to stretch your faith.

3 years ago when I finished academy in Bradford, I felt God call me very strongly and clearly to a recent church-plant in Kendal. It was time in my life to go to University, so I literally applied to the closest Uni to Kendal I could find; Lancaster University. Before I had chance to get there, the church closed down. Me and Claire searched for a church in Lancaster and clearly new LFM was to be our home.

I still don’t know to this day exactly why he did it, why he took me the ‘long way round’. Part of it was recognizing the kind of ‘smaller’ church he wanted us to be a part of, since all we knew was ‘big’ church. If you feel God is taking you the ‘long way round’ in life, then rejoice, for he is wanting to stretch your faith and give you more than what you expected!

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