God’s Melody

God’s Melody

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We watched one of Rob Bell’s NOOMA videos the other night at youth lifegroup, called Rhythm. It was about having a relationship with God and being able to understand it. If I’m honest, having a relationship with God is one of the hardest things to grasp and understand…ever!

Who is God?

It’s hard because God is not a thing that we can measure and comprehend. We may have deep relationships with those in our lives, we know everything about them, we can predict their actions and reason with how they are feeling. But I feel we only ever scratch the surface of our relationship with God, yet we are called to know him intimately.

In the video, Rob explains how having a relationship with God is like playing along to a melody or a song. It has a certain rhythm, beat and tone. Rather than trying to understand and prove God, Rob encourages us all to play in tune with God’s melody. When we are truly playing along to God’s heartbeat, then we are truly in relationship.


The more I thought about it the more I realized that God really is just like a melody. A melody cannot be defined by what it is about, since it has no words. It cannot so easily be defined into a class or genre. In fact the only thing that defines it, is the way it sounds…it defines itself!

When God appeared to Moses, he called himself “IAM” and that’s exactly how a melody would define itself too… “I’m not about anything or for anything, there’s no part of me that says where I came from or where I am going, I am not defined by anything…I just am the way I sound like…I AM“.

Really, the only way God has defined himself throughout scripture is the way that he is, what he sounds like. Just as you can only identify a melody by the way it sounds, you can only identify God by the way that his is. By who Jesus is. All scripture is, is a revelation of who God is!

Play along

That means that having a relationship with God is not so much about knowing more and more about God, or even talking more. To truly know God and have a deep relationship with him, we must start to play along to his melody. Living like Jesus is playing along in perfect harmony.

God’s instruments are faith, hope, love, mercy, compassion, grace, self-control & forgiveness. The Holy Spirit is playing a melody in our heart, calling us to sanctify our lives and play along with the music. True intimacy with God is not when we hear a clear voice guiding us everywhere, it’s when we sense the Spirit’s melody in our heart and we choose to obey and play along with our lives.

1 John 2:3 “We know that we have come to know him if we keep his commands”


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