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wpid-DAILY-THOUGHT.jpgActs 1:23,26 “So they proposed two men: Joseph…and Matthias….Then they cast lots, and the lot fell to Matthias; so he was added to the eleven apostles”

When seeking a new disciple to join the team, the disciples did not pray for a word of knowledge, a divine instruction or for God to choose some random person from them all. They gave God options. Out of common sense and wisdom they selected two appropriate candidates from which they would choose the next disciple.

Even after that they did not sit and wait for a name to be spoken by God, but cast lots to decide who would be selected. God was in it all, he was in their common sense and wisdom, and he was in their choice and confirmation.

When coming to God for direction, we too often expect God to speak so clearly and distinctively. We don’t submit any options to him but pray for a sign, a word or a name to be spoken. “Which career path?”Which university?”What to study?” Which church?”. We somehow expect God to pluck out a name from nowhere and submit it to us via divine revelation. (Not that he can’t!)

When seeking God’s direction in life, it is wise to submit options to him, just as the disciples did. God has given us wisdom and forethought as a gift, so lets use it as a first-means. Humbly and wisely consider all your options, then submit them to God for his confirmation. Even after that, don’t expect a divine word, but remain sensitive for his confirmation.

Remember, not all open doors are good doors. An opportunity may present itself, but may not be of God. Learn to recognize the peace of God.

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