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wpid-DAILY-THOUGHT.jpg2 Samuel 13 records the account of Amnon and Tamar, a story where a man couldn’t get what he wanted and so used brute force to obtain it. Amnon was infatuated with Tamar but thought he wouldn’t be allowed to have her, so he set a trap to rape and abuse her.

Verse 2 “…it seemed impossible for him to do anything to her”

This is like us in life when we just automatically assume that we can’t have something, perhaps a relationship, an opportunity, a position etc. It’s funny how we can become obsessed with pursuing the things that are denied to us. We feel our spirit declining it to us, and yet out of stubborn disobedience we continue to pursue it.

Verse 13 “…Please speak to the king; he will not keep me from being married to you”

What Amnon did not realize, is that if he had just been calm & patient and had asked the King appropriately, he would have received what he wanted. What we always forget is that God is a gracious and loving God, who wants to satisfy the desires of our hearts. God is seeking to fulfill our hearts desires, but according to his plans and timing.

We can pursue a desire or a dream assuming that God would not permit it, when in actual fact if we just asked for it humbly with an open heart; God would desire to satisfy that longing. Don’t pursue anything without asking God for it first, he may well permit it or he may have something better!


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