Fuel for the Fire

Fuel for the Fire

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Isaiah 9:5 “Every warrior’s boot used in battle and every garment rolled in blood will be destined for burning, will be fuel for the fire”

Every year around bonfire time, we heap up all of our crap, all of our unwanted possessions, all of our old and unwanted clothes and broken furniture, and we take joy and warmth in watching them burn. There is a certain satisfaction in seeing something that is worthless and a symbol of brokenness burn and supply is with light and warmth.

Similar to a bonfire, there are similar piles of worthless things in our personal life that we wish we could burn up and do away with. They are our failures, our mistakes, our hurts and pains, our negative experiences, our sins and trespasses. They are all the things in life we wish we could go back and do again, make it so it never happened, have a second chance at it.

Are you a hoarder?

I remember watching programs on TV where they would go into the homes of hoarders. People who collect, keep and treasure worthless junk. Their homes can be so filled with it they can barely move. They live in an amongst garbage and I can only imagine how bad the smell must be.

Yet for so many of us today, this is a picture of our inner self, our spiritual lives so to speak. We appear fine on the outside, but within we feel like we are living in a house of garbage. A house full of failure. A house full of sin. A house full of pain and suffering. A house full of weakness and fear. We wish and pray it would all go away but we don’t know how to deal with it.

We feel like these things are depleting to our faith. That we cannot live the full Christian life until we have got rid of all our junk…where actually that is not the case. We just need to have a great big bonfire!

Time for a bonfire?

This incredible verse at the top penned by Isaiah the prophet is God saying that this garbage in our lives need not be depleting to our faith. He is saying that every warrior’s boot, every battle we face, every tribulation we encounter, every hardship we face is destined to be fuel for the fire. Not to put the fire out, but to add to it!

Every garment rolled in blood, every loss we have encountered, every suffering we have felt, every pain we have experienced has been destined for burning. Not to deplete the fire, but to be fuel for the fire!

What is the fire?

The fire is the faith that lives inside of you. It is the Holy Spirit dwelling within you. Jeremiah describes him as fire in his bones (Jer 20:9), and that is exactly what the presence of God feels like sometimes…fire in your bones. Paul instructs Timothy to fan into flame the gift of God within him (2 Tim 1:6).

So what?…So what God is saying is that all of this garbage we all have in our lives does not need to deplete and degrade our faith. It does not need to weaken our trust in God as the enemy intends it too. In fact God has destined it for the complete opposite…for burning for his glory. That by trusting him to take control of our garbage situations, by holding onto him through every battle, by looking to him in every pain, by coming back to him after every failure…we will see God burn right through these things in our lives.

When we give it all to God he just throws it on the bonfire. From all this garbage we see God’s light and glory in our lives, through the garbage we receive the warmth of his love and the heat of his compassion.

What’s your fuel?

  • For every pain – God is our healer
  • For every loss – God is our restorer
  • For every sin – God gives us more grace
  • For every weakness – God is our strength
  • For every failure – God is our provider

Take your garbage, whatever it is and throw it on God’s great bonfire. Put your faith and hope in Him. See God burn right through it, see his glory and feel the warmth of his love. These situations were destined for burning, there is no other purpose.

Your life is not full of failure. Your life is full of fuel.


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