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wpid-DAILY-THOUGHT.jpgMicah 4:3 “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks…”

Interesting that the tools used for fighting and war could so easily be converted to farming tools, as if they could be used effectively for each purpose. We have the choice to fight or farm with what we do and say, to bring life or death, to build up or destroy.

I was watching the new Africa programme by the BBC the other day and noted David Attenborough saying “Every year in Africa, wildfire consumes an area greater than the size of the UK“. What tremendous devastation and destruction, yet vital for it to happen for new life to be produced and continue afterwards. Amazing that such growth and life can come from such destruction and death.

I was talking to someone on Sunday, whom has had the worst year of his life, yet has never felt as close to God. Fires and trials refine our relationship with God. They purify our hearts and create new depth and life to our journey with God. A restored relationship has greater depth and meaning after the fire. We all know most of our biggest fights and arguments will be with those whom we love, yet it refines the relationship, making it stronger and deeper afterwards.

Perhaps not all conflict is a bad thing. Perhaps there is a greater purpose. In  Acts 15 we see Paul and Barnabas disagree and part ways. It seems tragic, but looking from the grand perspective, we see two ministries birthed from one. The tools we use for fighting and conflict soon get converted into farming tools, to create new depth, growth and life.

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