Faith is a ‘doing’ Word

Daily Thoughts

James 2:26 “As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead”

We know that they who hope are hopeful, they who have joy are joyful, they who have peace are peaceful…but are those who have faith faithful?

The problem is we have a habit of separating these two words out and making them completely different, even though they really are the same thing! We view one only as feeling or sensation [faith] and one only as a practical action [faithfulness].

The truth is that the Greek word for faith is pistis, and the Greek word for faithfulness is pistos…the very next word in the Biblical Greek dictionary. They were intended to come hand in hand from the very beginning. One cannot have faith without being faithful. Faithfulness is the expression of faith.

  • Faithfulness in tithing is having faith that God will bless your finances
  • Faithfulness in serving is having faith that God will bless your actions
  • Faithfulness in prayer is having faith that God will answer them

What are you trying to have faith for that you are showing no faithfulness in?

Faith is a doing word…


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