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John 10:13 “The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep”

We had a great night at our youth the other night, seeing fruit that had been growing for a while, and I was reminded of the reward God gives us when we choose to commit to process, not just events.

It can be quite easy to go from event to event, opportunity to opportunity and never fully committing to a long-term process. Admittedly events are very exciting and always changing, but they do not require much commitment or long-term sacrifice.

Events serve you.

I think we tend to see events in terms of what they can do for us, even events of service. We are pleased to serve others through the event but often the event serves us more than it serves others. Perhaps the opportunity to speak, to lead or go on a mission trip; it will likely to do more good in you than anyone else. The hired hand works only for his wages, what he gets from his event of service.

Process serves others.

I think we see process in terms of what we can do for it and what we can contribute. The owner of the sheep does not work for wages, he serves because he owns the sheep. God wants us to commit to long-term service, not just from event to event. Perhaps committing to the vision of your local church, or a particular ministry, or a specific group of people.

My biggest achievements: The events I have participated in.
My biggest contributions : The process of my long-term service.


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