Covenant Election

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Exodus 2:24 “God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac and with Jacob”


Election basically is: “You were chosen”.
Covenant basically is: “Both parties choose each-other”.

How do these two seemingly different doctrines come together in scripture? How does covenant fit with election?

Called > Covenant > Chosen

Commentators point out that God has no issue with calling his covenant people his elect, this not meaning they are the same thing. It shows that they are compatible with each-other in God’s eyes and should not be seen as two opposing theologies.

God calls his covenant people (born-again Christians) his elect because we are under his elect One; Jesus Christ. Through Jesus Christ we have been chosen and have also chosen ourselves. It is the death and blood of Jesus which sealed this covenant forever.

All are Called, to accept God’s Covenant of grace and so be Chosen unto salvation.

Just as the Church is the bride of Christ, we can see our salvation in the form of a marriage. No-one falls into marriage, and it should never be forced, but it’s a covenant/contract agreed by both parties. By agreeing to the contract of marriage, each person inherently ‘chooses’ each-other. It’s bidirectional, both have to choose!

Therefore, even though salvation is offered to all freely, it is not so much ‘come and take‘ but more like ‘come and choose, and you will be chosen‘.

Come and choose, and you will be chosen.


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