Christmas: Enter The Hero

Christmas: Enter The Hero

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Isaiah 9:2 “The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned”

I have always been a fan of action films, especially where there is a hero involved. It could just be one hero, it could be a whole group of heroes coming to save the day. The bit that I really love about these films is when the hero enters the scene.

The enemy is about to win, he is about to kill and destroy what is before him, the bad guy is about to get away with it…when suddenly the hero breaks forth!

However the hero comes it’s always epic; he/she might break through the door, drop in from the skylight, ride up over the hill, come out from disguise or appear on the horizon. It’s the emotion that grips you when suddenly an answer is revealed, hope is found and things start to look up.

This is one of my favourite scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy; called the Ride of the Rohirrim. The great white city of Minas Tirith is about to be lost to the enemy, all of its people are about to be slaughtered and the city lost…when all of a sudden….

What I love about this scene is that the appearance of the Riders is so epic. They appear in such force and numbers to a city in such devastation. The ‘epicness’ of the whole scene is not how they win the day, but simply how they enter the scene.

We already know that the battle will be won just from seeing them enter the scene. They haven’t actually done anything yet, they havn’t won anything yet or achieved much, they have just appeared. The hero has entered the scene and that is always epic in its own right.

You see, this is exactly what the Christmas story is about: The Entrance of a Hero.

The whole Bible is all about man’s devastation and dire situation, but with God finally coming to the rescue. The Bible is not a book of random stories and nice tales, it is about one story, about one man; Jesus Christ.

What we celebrate at Christmas is when Jesus; our Hero, enters the scene. Up till then there has been death, destruction and condemnation. Up till then there has been no hope at all.

Then all of a sudden, 2000 years ago, God burst forth. God came to earth in human forth, as a baby, born to two nobodies. His name was Jesus Christ, he hadn’t done anything yet and he wouldn’t do anything for a while. He hadn’t defeated anything or won anything yet, but he had entered the scene. Jesus won the battle when he died on the cross 33 years later.

This Christmas take thought about when our hero entered the scene. He came to save us, redeem us and rescue us.


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