#Calling – Your Calling is You


Acts 7:25 “Moses thought that his own people would realize that God was using him to rescue them, but they did not”

The truth is Moses had a pretty good idea of his calling a long time before we think he did. Even in Egypt he knew he was going to rescue his people one day. The thing is he made the same error we all make, in thinking God will move faster than he will. Moses jumped the gun, he acted too fast.

The reason why Moses already knew his calling even before he left Egypt was because of the circumstances in which he was raised. Scripture makes special mention that Moses was ‘no ordinary child’, that his mother saw a uniqueness about him even at birth. Moses was nurtured by his own mother before being given over to Pharaoh’s daughter. In that time, his mum would have spoke to him about his future, reaffirming that he was a Hebrew, not an Egyptian.

Moses’ calling was evident from an early age… and so is yours.

Your calling in life does not start when God suddenly starts to do stuff or move you into position, it starts at the beginning of your formation as an individual, as God prepares us all for the future he has for us.

Moses experience at the burning bush was not a calling, it was a sending. God had already called him from birth, formed him and prepared him for the task ahead. Don’t wait for God’s sending before you figure out your calling, look at how God has already formed and prepared you.


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