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Exodus 1:21 “And because the midwives feared God, he gave them families of their own”

There were only two Hebrew midwives, and their names were Shiphrah and Puah, which mean ‘fair‘ and ‘splendid‘ respectively. These were the women who delivered all of the Hebrew babies, and the same women who Pharaoh ordered to kill the baby boys.

Serving God is never Fair.

God charged these women with delivering and protecting the Hebrew babies, even though they had no children of themselves. How was it fair that they had to protect other’s babies when they didn’t even have any of their own? They did not see Pharaohs order as an excuse to kill the dreams of others, but served them out of their lack, putting others before themselves. God may give people opportunities before you, but still expect you to serve them.

Serving God is never Splendid.

To keep the Hebrew babies safe, the midwives had to lie to Pharaoh. They put themselves at risk, got involved with a very messy situation, fully knowing the possible consequences of their actions. Serving God requires you to get messy, to get stuck into awful situations, to take risks and put the well-being of others before you. It’s never easy, comfortable or splendid.


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