Matt McKenzie – A Christian Experience

Matt McKenzie – A Christian Experience

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A Christian Experience

I am a non-believer. It’s important I mention that first. Secondly, I live with two devout Christians and have been taught by them for the past year. When I say ‘taught’, I don’t mean basic arithmetic; it has been Christianity and the ‘way that God can help you’ that have been my subjects. When meeting them both I thought they were completely different to me. I thought ‘How would I communicate with them?’. I didn’t have a Bible or a verse to quote. There was no spirituality or inner sense of faith that I could relate to them with. I thought it would difficult. I was wrong.

I was asked to go to church to watch one of my housemates perform a music number. This was strange to me as I hadn’t gone to church since I was small and thought the world once had been black and white. I felt guilty but agreed to watch him. My nerves jangled; it was going to be a place that I felt uncomfortable in, as I didn’t believe in God. I thought of ways in which I couldn’t be noticed. I even tried using the excuse of saying “Oh, the football’s on”. The amount of morning games on a Sunday became ridiculous!

I left the house thinking “What am I doing”. I think I had this feeling as Christianity isn’t me. When people look at me they don’t see God but when they look at my housemates, they see their religious beliefs. I have learnt though that they are not different to me. As pastor Chris Drury mentioned on Sunday: “What is the difference between Christians and a standard person?” The answer… None!

When I heard the statement and agreed, I had a self-realisation. I had learnt so much in a year, and it wasn’t anything concerning my degree. This has been a learning of life, a different life where people can live in peace instead of a ‘standard’ stressful life. I understand that Christians have stressful lives and aren’t ‘angels’ but they are people who I am comfortable with. I feel blessed to have lived with two Christians this year and they will be shocked reading what I have just said. I feel that I can tell them anything and although I have great friends other than them, I just feel they wouldn’t listen to me as my Christian friends would.

So, when asked about the importance of church; I answer that it is extremely important! Not only has it taught me, but I have felt comfortable in an unusual environment. I have this unique feeling that life is perfect every time I am at church or especially in worship when I want to belt out some holy lyrics. I have to say I have changed and maybe I will start the journey towards Christianity. One thing I know is: I’m glad I have been given a chance to communicate with Christians. If I’m told the chance was given by God, I would most probably believe them.


Matt McKenzie


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