Claire Fox – What really counts…

Claire Fox – What really counts…

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Galatians 5v6 “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love”

We make comparisons with people all the time without even thinking. Making comparisons can be harmful to us and others. It pushes others down and raises ourselves up, or pushes us down and raises others up. Christ Jesus wasn’t bothered if people where circumcised or not which was a big deal in that time. He loved people no matter what. The Bible talks all the time about loving people and from Jesus’ example he shows how to love people without judgement.

This line struck me most of all The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.’  I really got from this line that all we need to do is love, but not just through words but though our actions. We can show love to people through many ways and that’s how we can express and share our faith in Christ. We don’t even have to mention Christ or Christianity; we can just start with acts of kindness through love. I know some times we find it had to show love to people if we feel hurt by them but we have to come to a place of forgiveness and just push though it to love them. There is always a reason behind someone’s actions and we don’t always know they reason why. All we know is if they are behaving in a way that doesn’t show love to others then they definitely need to be shown love by us.

I feel that now and then God brings people into my life to shake me up a bit and check how I am doing at loving others. When someone comes into my life and I find it hard to like them or show love to them, I know that I have to not listen to the negative voice and keep on doing what I know is right and love them anyway. It’s not always easy but you just have to fight against the negative and make a choice to love anyway.

This can help people stop worrying about how they evangelize to people. All you need to do is live out your faith in Christ by loving others and yourself. The simplest things could lead people to a relationship with God and change they life forever. So just be encouraged to keep expressing your faith through love.

Claire Fox

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