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wpid-DAILY-THOUGHT.jpgGenesis 9:20 “And Noah began to be a husbandman and he planted a vineyard”

The NIV describes Noah as a man of the soil, someone who would live off the land, growing crops and plants to feed his family. That was where his security and confidence was, as long as he had fertile ground to work with he could survive. Therefore when the flood happened, it would have been a season of separation for Noah. God had cut him off from his livelihood, place of confidence and security so that all Noah could hold onto was his faith in God.

It’s an interesting verse this, as it’s almost saying that Noah became a man when he came out of the ark and resumed his life. The word ‘husband’ comes from two words ‘house’ and ‘bind’, meaning that a man becomes a husband when his house, family and land are binded to him. Old English text used to use the word ‘husbandi’ for landowners and small holding farmers.

The two words used in the verse; ‘began’ and ‘husbandman’ describe Noah entering a new phase of manhood in his life. They have the following meanings:

began‘ =  begin from something else, to change, to use ones fruit

husbandman‘ = Different kind of man, from man to a husband

I believe the ‘ark period’ was what made Noah into a true man. It was a period of testing, a desert season where God stripped him of his sources of confidence and strength.  Aferwards God started to bind things back into his life. He did this with other people in the Bible too like with Job, Joseph, Moses, Abraham, David and Jesus. All these had a desert season, where all they had was God and often afterwards they stepped into their specific purpose.

I wonder if we all experience a time like this, where God leads us through a desert period, where there is little source of strength, security or self-worth. From these experiences we emerge as the true men and women God made us to be. Because in this period we bind ourselves to him, since there is nothing else to bind to. These experiences come just before we step into the specific purpose God has called us to.

I would say I have experienced a time like this, where I received no recognition, reward or affirmation but from God alone. In this desert period I resolved in my heart to only ever live to please God, thereby binding my life to his will. After this period I saw God lead me into a very specific purpose as I had emerged a new man. Have you ever experienced this season before?


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