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This is probably the most debated topic about Christianity. How old is the earth?
My answer…6000 years. And I will prove it to you…

I’m not going to use any science to back up this argument, but only Gods word, because after all…..its all you need!

1. The first and most obvious point is that Genesis clearly shows God made the world in 6 days. We need to come to a place where we are able to accept Gods word for what it literally says. Otherwise we will start to bend and twist everything else in the Bible!

2. Before I get onto the creation argument, many people will say that the account of Adam and Eve is figurative. That they were not real but represented the development of man. Others may say that they spent millions of years in Eden. However the Bible records that Adam lived to 930 years and had children. So he was real! The Bible also tells us they spent only about 100 years in Garden aswell! (Genesis 5v3) And so from the time from Adam to present day is about 6000 years.

3. Ok so what about the days of creation? Can they represent long eras?
No, because Mark 10v6 says “From the beginning of Creation God made them male and female”
From the beginning, so only 5 days from the start, not billions of years! Genesis also records there was morning and evening for each day, so separating them out very clearly.

4. Well without that one verse, could the 6 days represent a long era of evolution?
No, because evolution and natural processes cannot exist before the fall of man.
Romans 8v22 says “We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time”
When man sinned, it was not just mankind that was affected, the whole world changed! Eves punishment for sinning was pains in childbirth for all women. Just like Eve animals and even the ground were cursed with pain through natural processes.
Really evolution is a painful process for nature, as its based on things like natural selection, survival of the fittest and food chains. None of these could exist before or during paradise because animals didnt each other!(Gen 1v30)
The trees even grew without light, showing that it was a totally different world! (Gen 1v12-16)

Therefore this shows that since evolution and natural processes could not exist during creation, there is therefore no greater reason as to why the earth needs to be millions of years old!
The problem with evolution is that we are observing natural processes today, and extrapolating (assuming) these patterns beyond the point we can measure, to where we find “the origin of life”. We assume that what we have now is what we have always had. However what we do have now, all the natural processes, we have only had since the fall of man!
All the evolutionary processes we see today, are a resut of the curse, and so could not exist before that!

6. Even with all that and you still dont believe, the fact is God made the world for us to dwell on and rule over.
So why would God create an earth billions of years before its primary purpose?
It may suprise you to know, God had no intention of talking to algae, fish or reptiles all that time!

So really the main point is that there is no reason as to why the world has to be billions of years old. The world was created in 6 days, and none of the processes we see today can be copied to creation. It was a totally different world!



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