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Lately God has put such a strong conviction on my heart about exercising faith, and how its not done enough!

Where are the amazing miracles we read about in scripture? How come today seems so quiet compared to the Bible?
You may argue that we are living in different times, fair enough!
But what about the book of Acts? We are living in the very same era, everything they had then we have today, and more so!
The book of Acts contains some of the greatest miracles and wonders in the Bible, but where are those today?

I believe there is such a lack of the Spirits power amongst believers today, God is eager to do more but will only respond to our faith. We are way too conservative as a people, always sticking to what we know, never pushing the boundaries of spirituality! There is so much untapped power and potential of the Holy Spirit within our lives.

And why? All for a lack of faith!
It all begins with faith, a lot of the time we are a faithless people. We are bound by so much worry, doubt and fear that we forfit faith. We have our heads buried in the sand, when God has called us to look upwards and to soar on the wings of eagles!

However before we start to see great wonders and miracles in our generation, we need to start exercising our faith in the small. Thats where it starts! If we cannot have faith that God will finance us or make something go well, can we expect God to do amazing things amongst us?

We always seem to forget that God is always faithful! When I think back to a time when God has let me down, I cant think of anything. Everytime I have been stuck or going to fall, God has come through for me. Yet whenever I am stuck again I still doubt and fear for the worst!

Faith at all?
Im not saying that for God to do amazing things amongst us, he requires a huge amount of faith.
After all Matthew 17v20 says:
“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there” and it will move”
So really its not a case of how much faith we have, but whether we have faith at all!

The fact is, faith is not knowing God CAN do it, faith is knowing God WILL do it!

Thats the difference between hope and faith.
James 5v15 says “And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well”
Often we just pray in hope. We just hope that God will do something, but its never real faith!
Faith is the surity that God WILL show, hope is just the thought that He CAN!

It seems that a lot of the time we are doing things for God 90% our effort, and 10% faith. Rarely do we actually pray and have faith for everything we are doing.

Our Christian lives consist of 2 areas: Our spiritual life and our practical life
Faith is so powerful because it combines them both and works them with eachother. Without any faith, these 2 are just growing separately, but when combined by faith thats when we start to see God move!

We need to start praying and believing for more!


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