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Have you ever wandered why the Bible is the way it is?
Why is it so annoying and hard to understand? Couldnt God have written it better?

Ive learnt some things about the Bible over the last few years, that were valuable to me and I hope will be valuable to you too!

The Bible aint a bedtime story book!
Have you ever thought to yourself “ooh, I’l read my Bible before I go to bed”?
Then the usual happens, fast asleep drooling on it! Yeh, happens to me too!
But the Bible is not meant to entertain us, its not a riveting read, its a book of wisdom.
Its designed to be read and applied to life, and that requires focus and thought.
When we read the Bible to be entertained, we will just get bored and miss what God wants us to learn from it!

How am I meant to read the Bible?
Most of the New Testamant stuff is easy, but what about the Old Testament?
The gospels record that Jesus always spoke in parables to the people. Why?
Because parables were easy to understand, and could be drawn from in a number of different ways.

Really the Old Testament is Gods parable to us, thats why Jesus “parablised” (yes I made that word up) his teaching, showing us how to read the Bible. The OT is mainly the account of the Israelites with a few other people. We can look at their history as a parable to our life. In parables things have alternative meanings and analogies, for instance the parable of the prodigal son shows our return to God from sin. In the Old Testament, the Israelties going through the Red Sea leaving Egypt behind represents us being baptised and leaving our old life behind!
Always try and relate what happening to your life.

But why couldnt God just write those things plainly?

What the Bible and all its parables has is: The Power of Perspective
Multiple people can each look at one general scripture, and each learn a specific lesson. The Bible isnt a book of rules and commands but more a book of examples, which encourages us to live by grace and not by law.
Rules and commands say one thing only and cannot account for personal context. When we read the Bible and its examples in light of our own context, we will always find the right answer.

The fact is: The Bible does have all the answers!
Often they are not obvious or direct, but they are always there, you just have to give time to find them and understand them.  There is not one thing about life that I cannot answer from the Bible!

Why is it so hard to understand?
Matthew 13v11 says “The knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven has been given to you, but not to them”
“Though seeing, they do not see, though hearing they do not hear or understand”

The fact is, God has concealed his secrets in the Bible, to be found and to be understood. The reason as to why God has done this is because Duet 32v47 says: “They are not just idle words for you, they are your life”
Joshua 1v9 says we will be prosperous and successful if we meditate on Gods word.
The Bible brings an abundance of life to all who understand it, its a blessing that is not freely given, but rewarded to diligence in reading it! The secrets I have found in the Bible have given me enormous fulfilment, joy, peace and guidance in my life.

But God only grants the treasures of his word to the right hearted. He only rewards those people who have their hearts open to him, otherwise they will always be seeing and hearing Gods word, but never understanding it!
Jesus spoke to everyone in parables, but taught his disciples plainly, without confusion. This shows us that in order for us to fully understand the Bible, we have to be close to Jesus!
He only gave away the secrets of the Kingdom to those that were close to him, its the same now!
Without a personal relationship with Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, we have no hope of understanding the Bible!

The orginal word used for “secrets” literally means “to not speak”. We dont understand the Bible when we dont let the Holy Spirit speak into our hearts. We need to start listening more!

God has made his word a secret to be found, and he only reveals it to those that seek him. Why?
Because Gods word is a treaure and a reward, it brings life, freedom and fulfilment!
You want that? Go get it!


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