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Hebrews 10v23 “Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful”

I remember reading my bible one day as a kid and God convicting me so much through this verse.
Because I was young and didn’t really understand Gods word that much, I missed that this verse was actually talking about perseverance in faith, rather than obedience to Gods will. But besides me missing the obvious, God spoke something very strong into my heart that day.

Always messsing up…?
It was at a time when I felt like I was continually messing up. I felt like I just couldn’t stick to the righteous path God had called me to! To be honest I was getting angry with myself and the devil that I didn’t ever stop messing up.

I felt like I was weaving through life, never really sticking to the straight righteous path I was meant to walk. But when I read this verse, God spoke to me so strongly and gave me such a large conviction in my heart. He gave me the spirit that I would carry for the rest of my life, the spirit of strength, victory and determination.
Every time I read that verse I feel that spirit rising up inside of me.

What God had told me was that I can choose not to walk the path of sin at all, and that if I was determined enough I could stay completely on his straight righteous path. That verse showed me that my strength lies in my attitude to sin.
Some may say “ I’m only human” or “You’re bound to mess up all the time”
By my attitude is to just say “NO, I AM STRONGER THAN THIS,”

Picture it!
I was so obsessed by this verse I designed a picture and drew it on my wardrobe.

I designed it as a Snake wrapping itself around a Sword. The snake representing sin, the way of the devil, drawing you away from Gods will. The sword representing Gods righteous and glorious path we are destined to walk.

Whenever I felt my desires rise within me and temptation attacking me, I always imagined myself taking hold of this sword, shaking off the snake and getting ready to fight!

Warriors Spirit
The fact is we are fighting a spiritual battle. What do warriors feel before they are about to fight? They feel the adrenaline, they psyche themselves up, make themselves angry, and let out a shout! They don’t just go into it all calm saying “I’m only human, I’m bound to get beaten”. When we have that attitude, we are destined to fail from the start. But when we take on the spirit of the warrior, with an attitude, strength and determination to succeed we will win! Are you letting out a spiritual war cry?

Even just the word “hold” speaks volumes. It shows that there is always the possibility to mess up, but like grasping to a pole in a hurricane, you hold tightly to the path Gods got for you.
I love it on Braveheart when William Wallace keeps telling the men to “Hold…Hold…HOLD” when the enemy cavalry are fast approaching. That is the same spirit! Yes it’s hard, sin is a tough enemy because we are tempted so easily.
But the God who lives inside of you is greater, and it’s his spirit we need to catch.

Get Angry
Some of the best answers to the world have come from anger. Anger about injustice, poverty, sickness and mistreatment. One of the best ways to resist temptation and defeat sin, is to get angry. I remember going through this period of messing up all the time, and in the end I just got so angry. First with myself that I made those stupid mistakes, then I focused in the devil. I said it once, and couldn’t stop saying it:


The amount of release and strength I felt when I said that was immense. I declared it with all my heart, and I really felt the devil flee from me. My spirit rose so much in me and I felt so much freedom.
Hate is a powerful word, it brings something out of you nothing else can. But it is only the devil and his ways we should hate, nothing else.
When we catch this spirit, the spirit of Gods Warrior we get access to Gods fighting strength, which always comes with victory.


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