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If you don’t know the Holy Spirit….you don’t know God!

You only know OF God, seeing how his identity is wrapped up in the Father, and his love is displayed through Christ. What then is the role of the Holy Spirit?
The Holy Spirit is every way we commune with God and are able to know him.

I think we sometimes make the Holy Spirit something extra to God, rather than him being God. We can see Jesus and the Father as God, yet make the Holy Spirit 2nd to them both. The fact is, the Holy Spirit is not second to anything, he is God. And he is the only aspect of God we can commune with!

2 Cor 3v17 says “Now the Lord is the Spirit”
1 John 3v24 says “And this is how we know that he lives in us: We know it by the Spirit he gave us”

I know so many people who simply neglect the Holy Spirit. They are just not awake to the fact that the Holy Spirit IS God, and that is who they interact with.
Yes Jesus did tell us to pray to the Father, as that is Gods identity, but his physical presence in us is the Holy Spirit!

We can all know who God is by reading the Bible, but what makes God; YOUR God?
Without any personal interaction between us and God, there is no relationship but just knowledge.
Like a balloon in the sky! Everyone can know about it and talk about it, but it only becomes someone’s when they are attached to it!
It’s the same with God. Without knowing the Holy Spirit, God is just someone we know about, but don’t know personally.

At times in our life when we are searching for answers or direction, we always look externally for answers or make the most rational decision. Why is that when God lives inside us by the Holy Spirit?

I think it comes down to a case of people being afraid of the Holy Spirit!
Why? Because when we listen and are guided by the Holy Spirit we surrender control over our lives.
I think as people we like the gap between the spiritual and the natural. We feel safe that God and Christ are both Spirit, that they are up there and we are down here. It’s comfortable for us to know that they are there, as long as they don’t become to physically real in our lives!

But what the Holy Spirit does it totally cross that gap. The Holy Spirit is the physical presence of God in our lives. He is not just something to think about, he is real, physical and tangible! When we surrender to the Spirit, we surrender our natural control over our lives and God suddenly becomes very real!
Is that a frightening thought for you? Maybe so…hopefully though you would come to know that the Spirit is not frightening but fulfilling!

Don’t block out the Holy Spirit. Don’t be scared to know what God will really say to you if you give him the chance. If you’re wandering why God doesn’t seem to be real to you, it may be because your ignoring the Holy Spirit!

Galatians 5v25 “Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit”


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