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Should we all live like the great heroes of our faith?
all hear stories of great Christians that do amazing things for God,
leading revivals, healing many, standing up to oppression etc

People like John Wesley who preached to hundreds of thousands in his time, just riding round on horse back!
Smith Wigglesworth, who when just walking around the streets, people
would just fall to their knees because of the Holy Spirit asking how to
be saved!

Even people living today like Reinhard Bonnke, who has led a massive crusade all over Africa, bringing millions to salvation.

Certainly when hearing about these “Christian greats”, you may feel a slight sense of inadequacy and smallness.
I’ve always asked
“Are we all meant to live like that?”
”Compared to these people, I’m not doing much for God”
”Am I living out my life in its fullness?”
life is determined by our actions and how much we run for God, then am
I not running hard enough, or sacrificing enough of my life?

How we do we learn to find contentment and peace, seeing that other people seem to be doing so much more for God than us?

God Given/Our creation
we need to understand is that life is a balance and a mixture of Gods
given destiny for us, and our free will to create our lives!

Between the extremes of pre-destination and our complete control lies our purpose in life.
What I know is that God gives us our purpose, our area, our path in life, yet we decide how we great we make it!
Its like God has set us all on a race track, each in our own lane, yet it is our decision how far we run within that lane.
Whatever our place in Gods plan, we must run at it our best!

way I like to see it, it’s just like a jigsaw puzzle. In Gods great
picture, we are each given a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Some may seem
greater than others (a face instead of blue sky) but really they all
hold the same value, the picture wouldn’t be complete without any. It’s
our responsibility to make our piece the best it can be!

Never underestimate small things
This is the Chinese poem I always remember off Tokyo Drift
”For need of a nail, the horse shoe was lost,
for need of a horse shoe, the horse was lost
for need of a horse, the message was not delivered
for need of a message, the battle was lost
for need of the battle, the war was lost!”
Often in our lives, what we are doing for God may seem so small, but that does not take away any importance.

the parable of the talents in Matt 25, the man who received only 1
compared to the others must have felt a bit inadequate. You can imagine
his feeling of smallness, as if a lot isn’t expected of him, and so he
just buries his not putting it to use. We need to not become like this,
not getting depressed or frustrated that God doesn’t seem to be doing
much. Put what little we have to work!

Food management? You serious?
Acts 6 there is the story of the “choosing of the seven”. The disciples
had a problem with the food management and so had to choose 7 men to
handle that whilst the rest did ministry work! The seven were Stephen,
Phillip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas and Nicolas. At the start
of the Church, everyone is pumped up to get the word out, things are
growing and doing well. Then these men are landed with a job that isn’t
even to do with ministry. They just managed the food. I wonder how
inadequate they felt, watching everyone else do great things for God
whilst they managed food?

Acts records that, because of that, the word of God spread and many
started to believe, all because some men were willing to do the small

What you actually read next, shows that your present might seem small, but your future can be massive!
the first out of the 7 then starts preaching the word of God boldly. As
a result he becomes the first Christian Martyr and one of my personal
heroes of the faith! What a large life he led for God.

the next out of the seven, then goes into Samaria and leads a city to
the faith, then gets dramatically teleported by the Spirit!

The fact is, just because what we are doing for God right now may seem small, it does not mean it wont grow in the future!

Live out YOUR purpose
Corinthians 7v17 says “Nevertheless, each man should remain in the
place in life the Lord has assigned to him and to which God has called

Paul repeats this
statement 2 more times shortly after, obviously emphasizing the fact
that we shouldn’t strive to live out someone else’s life.

Whatever place God has put us in, whether be it teacher, includer, people lover, entrepreneur, we should only live that out.
the uses the example of slave, how if a slave finds God, he should then
not be troubled that he is still captive. A Christian slave must feel
so restricted, that he cannot spread the gospel or help people as much
as he wants. But Gods place for him is just there! Often we can feel so
restricted, as if we don’t have the gift, the opportunity or the people
to work with. We want to greater things for God, but we just don’t have
the means.

What Paul is saying
is to not be troubled that others seem more free and doing greater
things than you, just be content with your place in life!


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