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So what were you born for?
Perhaps one of the most discussed questions amongst people on earth is “What is the meaning of life?”
However hard this seems to answer, it becomes very easy when you know God.

The purpose of life is: To worship God…that’s it!

I know that may seem very simple and basic, but its the truth.
There is nothing more important, nothing more valuable and is the only thing of eternal value. Everything we do in this life will pass away, but how we worship God  today will account for eternity!

Lets take it back to the beginning:
Gen 1v1 “In the beginning…God”. God always has been and always will be, he lives from everlasting to everlasting. At the start, there was ONLY God. Just think about that for a second, how God has authority over absolutely everything, including time itself!
So God then created the whole universe, created the earth to its absolute perfection and created every one of us. Why?
So that all the universe, creation, nature and mankind can glorify Him.

In the Bible it says that if we don’t worship God, the rocks would cry out praises to Him. God must be worshipped! That is why we were made, it is what life is all about! When we get to that place of complete worship we find all the satisfaction and fulfilment our hearts desire.

Jeremiah 1v5 says “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you”
God planned us and thought about us before we were even created. He knew us before we were born. Why then were we born? To just know him back! What a reality, that we are able to know the living God, the one who breathed out stars and flung galaxies into space! We were not given life to make money, to enjoy the pleasures of this world or to make a name for ourselves. We were given life to worship God.

The Bible tells us how God is a Jealous God. That he hates us worshipping any other thing but him. God wants all our attention and all our worship, he wants to be 1st in every persons life and 2nd to none!

The purpose of your life is to worship God, are you living it?


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